Safety for your data

Integrate your customer lists and related sales tickets in an unlimited, safe and 100% GDPR compliance cloud space 

✓  Omnichannel integration        ✓  Scalable architecture          ✓  Legally certified

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Omnichannel customer data

Store all your customer data and their interactions in a unified space

Access and integration

Download your customer lists or integrate them with other tools with our API

Privacy and legal

Your data is safe and stays private in a legally GDPR certified space

Build smarter campaigns, today

Connect Pleasepoint to your ecommerce and bring your digital communication to a higher level

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Get more customer leads from every touchpoint

Landing pages and embedded forms in your web, social media, guest Wi-Fi, App…you name it


Get the highest-converting campaign briefings automatically

Bring your campaigns to a higher level with the AI-powered digital campaigns briefing generator.


Design and launch your best email campaigns

A user-friendly drag&drop editor to help you design email campaigns and track their sales conversions.