The smart assistant
that focuses your campaigns

Pleasepoint increases the reach, accuracy and conversion rate of your digital marketing campaigns by turning data into smart marketing briefings


Build more accurate campaigns with AI-automated briefings

The Pleasepoint virtual assistant analyzes all your customer database and related sales tickets to create precise recommendations on the segments, goals and contents alongside a conversion rate forecast of them all.

✓  Dynamic segmentation
✓  Content recommendation
✓  Conversions forecast


Design and launch email campaigns that learn from their conversions

Design your best campaigns with a unique couponing embedded system that tracks the sales conversion of each individual customer and adds intelligence to your virtual assistant.

✓  Coupon management
✓  Emails design
✓  Push notifications synchro


Get more leads into your database from any touchpoint

Pleasepoint gives you all the tools you need to create lead acquisition campaigns from any physical or digital touchpoint with your customers and automate the database qualified feeding.

✓  Web plugins
✓  Wi-Fi captive portals
✓  Landing pages


Store your customer and sales data in a safe and integrated place

Pleasepoint stores your new leads, customer data, related sales tickets in a private, safe and 100% compliance with the GDPR place.

✓  Safe cloud hosting
✓  100% legal compliance
✓  Unlimited access

Build smarter campaigns, today

Connect Pleasepoint to your ecommerce and bring your digital communication to a higher level