Grow your customer data

Pleasepoint lets you connect digitally with your customers in a strategic way at every physical and digital touchpoint

✓  Capta más leads        ✓  Automatiza tu captación          ✓ Integra tus canales

Learn about the omnichannel lead feeder


Web plugins

A smart layer embedded in your web unlocks your creativity on lead acquisition


Wi-Fi captive portals

Offer free Wi-Fi in a creative ways at your venues to acquire qualified customer leads


Landing pages

Design powerful landing pages to acquire leads on your advertising campaigns

Build great campaigns, today

Connect Pleasepoint to your ecommerce and bring your digital communication to a higher level

See what else you can
do with Pleasepoint


Design and launch your best email campaign

A user-friendly drag&drop editor to help you design email campaigns and track their sales conversions.


Integrate all your data in a reliable and safe place

A scalable, safe and reliable cloud space espacio to store all your customer and sales tickets data.


Get the highest-converting campaign briefings automatically

Bring your campaigns to a higher level with the AI-powered digital campaigns briefing generator.